Looking Glass Teleprompters is a Brooklyn, New York based 
business - prompting for interviews, TV productions, promotional and instructional videos.  We are a teleprompter service provider working for corporate, commercial and production company clients at various locations in and around the New York Metro Area. 

Our job is to help your talent look their best and feel comfortable in front of the camera.   A teleprompter enables a camera to shoot through a piece of glass.   This allows the subject to simultaneously read a script and look directly into the lens.  Teleprompters can also be used off camera so that the talent appears to be talking to an interviewer.

Our operators are responsible for entering the script into the teleprompter system prior to filming and working with your subject to scroll to their individual speech pattern.   We travel to the site location and build the prompter to production’s specific requirements – as well as, editing, correcting and ensuring accuracy to your script’s information on site.

Looking Glass Teleprompters specializes in light weight prompters that are large enough to use in the studio, yet small enough to transport on location. A teleprompter can be rented with computer, software and operator.  

Contact us at 917-612-9387 to see if we are available for your next shoot.

Thank you!